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To lose weight, we all have to do Exercise and similar to that to maintain a good diet plan.
Weight loss diet plan. In today's day dietitians and nutrition, they are very commercials and they charge 8000 to 10000 per month. and they will give you the same tips which I will give you here and I am sure that if you follow my tips and read carefully that will help you and I will ensure you that you will lose 8 to 10 kgs easily.

Let's start
In today's day, everyone likes to look nice, everybody wants to get slim, not just for any other reason because you want to be fit and fat to not fit. So I am here to help you, I will tell you on a diet plan that will help you to instant weight loss and you will understand that what you have to eat and what you not eat. Yes, that is very important.
First, you have to know that weight loss has too easy, maintain your protein and calorie intake. If you got complicated with BMI index for calories intake not get complicated just go for your normal daily life and follow my tips.
Mili weight loss depends on what amount of calorie intake and in your work out those all calories are burned, if not you will give your weight and what you eat, eat at the particular time for that particular food that is very important.
If you eat energy giving food at night, that does not help you to weight loss. It makes gaining weight.
The second thing is that if you eat fatty food like fried food for high sugar food, then you will definitely get fat. But when you eat this thing before that this thing I am eating is healthy for me. just that is all need to you just choose for healthy food that will help your body to lose weight. Just because what you eat that will reflect your body and it's too simple. Avoid fast foods like sugars or chocolate chips etc. And eat protein types of foods in vegetarians there very fewer things to get protein like Dal soybean, Panner and non-vegetarian will eat fish, chicken breast. if you eat healthy foods that will help your body to maintain your weight and weight loss.
Just look for film stars they will lose their weight in 2 weeks 3 weeks just because of that they will follow that particular diet plan that is the only way to maintain your body lose weight. If you not work out properly or not go to the gym then you must avoid junk foods that will give you more calories and you do not burn those calories just because you not workout. So you have to think about it and make decisions.

Wight Loss just depends on two things one is a healthy diet and another exercise. If you eat healthy foods and just one hour exercise in a day it will definitely help you to lose weight.
Now we will start from the morning routine
Boost Your metabolism with an empty stomach to burn your fat. You will drink warm water light water and added their lemon one tablespoon of honey and black pepper powder, the black paper is will provide us the energy that will burn our fat, and if you take daily you will feel that you get lighter. And second thing what are you suggest those people who are not sufficient time to mix those just use Apple Cider Vinegar mix one tablespoon in water and drink as it is simple. And I will give a little suggestion that in the night you will so methi 1 tablespoon of Methi in water and drink that water after wake up in the morning in an empty stomach. That will help your immunity power and good for your skin and hair. But you have to choose just one thing above the three options.

Now we will discuss breakfast 
You have to eat the best healthy and big meal, if you doing anything just talked that and do whatever I will suggest. Do breakfast large, lunch medium and dinner small. If your dinner is small then your belly is small.
So breakfast you will eat lunch and a full stomach but never eat junk food or fried foods. What I will suggest you first thing sandwich, and when you eat sandwich just use Brown Bread or Ata Bread, don't use white bread and don't put anyone on your sandwich. Make green Chatni in the home add to your sandwich and add vegetables like carrot, cucumber, and tomato, and don't add butter while frying your bread. You will eat more than 1 is you like, if you add mayonnaise or butter in your sandwich that means you will cheat your diet plan in the beginning so please do not add those. If you think that eating sandwiches daily is boring for you then I will give you the second option 'Suji' just make it Idli, Uttapam adds those vegetables and eat. Dose breakfast is for vegetarians, now if you are non-vegetarian then the egg will a very good option for you.  Just about the yellow part, if you eat only egg white you can eat 5 to 6 omelets, and you eat bread but not add butter. In yellow part that contains fat.
Now our breakfast is over if we get hungry before lunch what will we do? If you have time just make sprout salad or drink one cup of milk drink, not fat milk just don't meet and some nuts, just in that await Kaju because of that contents fat. and if you like to eat fruits you can eat at that time because fruit contains sugar and if you eat in the morning it goes healthy for you. Do not eat fruits in the evening or at night. But you cannot eat all fruits because that sum of roots is getting you fat, just wait for mango, Chiku, banana, grapes those fruits are gaining fat, apart from those you can eat other fruits.
And choose your plan just eat one of those but I'll tell in previous not get all of those because if you eat all those things your stomach will be but difficult.

Now I will discuss lunch
So at lunch, if you eat supposed to two ruti, it only one because in the beginning that we will decrease our intake. And when we eat only 1 ruti, that deficit will come with more vegetables and Dal. This is a healthy meal for those who want to diet for weight loss. And make a plate of salad and eat a salad with your lunch. But in Salad, no Menos, oil dressing just add Lemon and chat masala that's fine.

Don't eat sweets. If your mind tells you to eat sweet then you will drink 1 or 2 glass of water and sit. Do not lay down on the bed just after lunch it is bad for your health. If you do not eat sweets for two or 3 weeks, your body will come in shape.
And after half a day of your diet plan your body needs some boost and boost with your metabolism just you have to drink the best option is green tea. So the evening drink is will be your Green Tea. That will help you in many ways. If you add Lemon in your Green Tea that will help to burn your fat, and if you want to eat something with tea please do not eat junk foods like samosa chaat, etc. Because you maintain now the whole day with your diet plan to not spoil it. You can eat diet chart, oats or fiver digestive biscuits, You can also eat fry Chickpeas. Don't overeat, if you eat biscuit only 2. Always measure what will you eat.

Now do Dinner 
Avoid Ruti and Rice, just focus on Protein and Fiber, if you are a non-vegetarian then you can eat fish sorted chicken with vegetables, do not reach gravy chicken or healthy chicken foods or Roti or not with chicken please avoid those with your diet plan. And for vegetarians they have to add more protein in the dinner as for non-vegetarian, we will avoid roti and rice, similarly do here also, just make mix vegetables, use Panner, Soyabin and please avoid dal, rajma, chole, etc. And with Salad
So avoid healthy vegetables in Dinner.
Weight loss diet planAnd after dinner if you feel hungry then it papaya or if you don't eat papaya eat an apple but papaya is a better option, with papaya it 1 cup of green tea and some nuts. And do eat nothing after 10 p.m. and the maintenance gap of sleeping and dinner is around 3 hours. That will help you to digest your food.

So this is the full diet plan for your whole day if you follow this diet plan towards 3 months after that you will see your results on your own. If you want something please comment to me and follow my channel I will come with another diet plan that will help you in a similar way.

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