Tuesday, 21 April 2020

LG reveals video of its upcoming Velvet smartphone

LG has allowed small bits of information surrounding its next flagship smartphone to trickle out in recent weeks. But in a video posted Saturday, the South Korean tech giant gave a clear view of what's coming up.

The latest installment of LG's teased-out product reveal shows the new cellphone, dubbed "Velvet," for the first time ever. Previously, the company announced some design details and showed a few sketches, but other specifics were scant.

According to the 35-second clip posted to YouTube, the LG Velvet will come in black, green, red and white. Each of the phones has a pearlescent finish. Also, the device displays what LG calls a “raindrop” camera design.

The three lenses and LED flash are arranged vertically in descending size order, which is intended to mimic the image of a falling raindrop. Each lens is separated to avoid having a rectangular camera bump bulging from the back of the smartphone.

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The video reveals a headphone jack on the bottom and there is an internal Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor.

Prices, sizing options and release dates have yet to be announced.

Last week, LG announced plans to move away from "alphanumerical designations in favor of familiar and expressive names." That means the company is letting go of its G-series names like LG G8. Instead, future smartphone names will be based on special features or designs.

Velvet, for example, was chosen because the name evokes "images of lustrous smoothness and premium softness," which also describes the new premium smartphone, the company said.

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