Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Secret in the Lost Leakage Cost Hidden from the Invoices

By saying “Invoices have been simplified”, the loss-leakage amount, which was removed from the electricity bills since the beginning of 2016, continues to be taken under the “distribution fee”.

Not only the loss-leakage fee, which is removed from the electricity bills, but also the Transmission Fee, PSH Fee and Meter Reading Fee items are removed and taken under the distribution fee .

Many citizens who used their electricity honestly last year objected to the loss-leakage price and started to take back these unfair costs. We even published an article under the name of the guide to take back the lost and illegal costs and shared information about how to recover this price .

After the conclusion of the judicial remedy for the loss-leak cost many times in favor of the citizens , many citizens went back to the judiciary and took back the loss-leakage costs .

As of January 1, 2016, was the fact that the loss-leakage fee and other items were removed from the invoices and displayed under the distribution fee have simplified the invoices, or have they been hidden from the citizen for good intentions?

Currently, no consumer who receives an electricity bill knows how much he has lost and lost. Honest citizens do not want to pay the loss-leakage price in a different way, the leakage electricity used by others. After the decisions made in favor of the citizen, I think this loss-fugitive price is hidden from us due to public reaction. The goal is not to simplify bills. On the other hand, since we are paying an unfair price, we need to see how much we pay.

Currently, there is no way we can look for our right when we apply to the Presidency of the Consumer Arbitration Committee to recover the lost leakage. To what price will we object, to a price that we do not know how much?

I use my electricity honestly, my bill this month is around 315 lira. The distribution price is around 94 lira. The secret is how much loss and illegal costs I pay! I also have no idea about the transmission fee, PSH fee and meter reading fee.

When it comes to saving, we always talk about spending . Whatever we do, sometimes it is not up to us to be economical.

I ask, how can people save more under these unfair terms?

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