Sunday, 29 March 2020

Technological Savings: Free Office Applications (Part 3)

In the Technological Savings series, I will talk about online and free note applications, where you can get rid of paper expenses today.

If you have been taking your notes to agendas and various papers until now, don't you think it's time to be a little more modern?

Students, working individuals and almost everyone always need to take notes or write somehow. For this we use agenda, A4 papers or various notebooks. However, we can do all this from our computers or mobile phones. And less costly!

Moreover, if we can connect to the internet from our devices, it is possible to reach our notes anytime, anywhere. Let's not skip security; There is also no possibility of coffee, tea loss or loss of your notes. Because all our data is on the internet and extremely secure.

Today I will talk about various and free services that you can note. You can use each service from your computers and smartphones.

Google Docs. You can create, edit, and use your text documents, presentations, drawings, photos, forms and more with Google Docs, the free office suite of Google, the search engine that we cannot stop using. Moreover, you can do all this with many extra features. Google Docs can be used on any device with internet. You can download it from application stores and use it from your smartphone at any time.

Onedrive. With OneDrive, Microsoft's office product, you can work on Office documents on your desktop, mobile device or on the web. You are used to OneDrive, where you can get free service when you use it over the Internet; You can start using Word, Excel and PowerPoint right away.

iCloud. ICloud, previously available only to Apple customers, is now available to everyone. You can create an Apple ID for free to start using iCloud. With iCloud's Pages, Numbers and Keynote features, you can use all the features you need from the web and your mobile devices.

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