Sunday, 29 March 2020

Pay to Banks in 8 Ways

Research and according to published reports make savings ratio of individuals in Turkey and hence the accumulation of very low levels.

So, to save money; Let's start with the banks where savings are often turned into savings and we start to evaluate our savings .

Almost everyone has a bank account . Many people receive salary payments from their bank accounts, make money transfers, and even perform similar payments using their bank accounts instead of bill payment centers because it is easier.

As such, it is inevitable that we will not use banks. Salary customers of banks are relatively advantageous, at least most of them are exempt from extra charges, but not all!

In this article , I will talk about how we can reduce the various expenses you pay to banks . Whether you are a salary customer or not, there are many ways we can reduce the costs we pay to banks. These ways will allow you to save on possible fees you pay to banks .

Find an alternative bank
Last year I was looking for a new bank for myself, since I was not going to branches, I was looking for an advantageous and inexpensive bank that I can only use over the internet channel. Banking options without branches have come to my rescue. Now I do not pay any fees for most banking services. I'm not really paying!

I know how difficult it is to switch banks. It is quite difficult to change the usual bank. I think getting used to a new bank is no different from a new marriage and I'm serious about it. But if things are becoming unpredictable, if the expenses you continue to increase day by day, it is time to end this business. Consider this advice. You can find a bank that meets your needs that are more suitable for you.

How many banks do you use?
If you use more than one bank, try to use a single bank. Track all your payments and all your expenses from a single bank. If you pay the bank account fee to the banks you use , do not ignore this suggestion.

Using multiple banks will cause confusion in your mind and payment plans. Choose the bank that suits you best and continue with the bank of your choice.

Don't borrow from banks
Many banks still mention that they can make your invoices or money transfers instantly, even if you don't have money in your account. Of course, they perform this transaction from additional accounts with credit. Every transaction made from credit accounts; service fee, interest, usage fee and many other costs. Therefore, you can reduce costs or deductions by trying not to use debt from banks.

Try to use cash
Use your cash accounts, not credit accounts , to make payments or transfer money through your bank . I can also include cash advance uses. You ask why? For the same reason; to avoid extra expense.

You are constantly delaying your billing payment dates or other payment processes and this is why you may be using your credit account, which is a good suggestion: make yourself a payment plan. On the days when you receive your salary or payments, make your required needs payments in cash from your deposit account. You can do this, you know.

Do you pay for your credit card?
Of course, is there anyone who doesn't pay? Don't say, because there are ways you don't have to pay credit card usage fees.

For example, many banks offer various alternatives. One of the main reasons for charging card usage fees is the campaigns that banks offer to their credit card customers. Remember when you last benefited from these campaigns, if you do not, opt for credit cards without dues. On the other hand, if you give automatic payment orders to your invoices, you can also avoid paying card fees.

If your bank does not offer these or similar benefits, do n't worry to change your bank. Because apparently he doesn't think about you.

Use internet channels
I did a little research for you. I checked the money transfer fees of one of the well-known banks, accordingly; In money transfer transactions made from the branch, 5 percent of the amount of money is taken as an expense. If the same transfer is made from ATM, the cost is 8.5 TL, and when the same amount is transferred via the internet or mobile branch, it costs 1.5 TL.

Although there are banks that do not charge for transactions made through the internet or mobile branch, the number of those who receive expense is also quite high, but as you can see, the cost taken from the internet channels is much lower than the branch or ATM . For this reason, I recommend using your bank's internet channels to pay less.

Give automated instructions
Many banks like automatic instructions from their deposit accounts. In return, he waives the credit card or account management fee he has received from you . Automatic payment orders also make your job easier. You don't have to think about your invoices and get rid of the delay interest payment.

It is possible to give automatic payment orders for your electricity, natural gas, water, telephone, internet, television bills and SGK premiums.

Talk to your bank
If you are forced to follow all these suggestions yourself or if you cannot find time, try meeting with your bank. Get ideas about ways you can pay less expense from customer representatives. Your bank may recommend a different alternative that you do not think of.

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