Sunday, 29 March 2020

NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC (Near Field Communication) , the Turkish Near Field Communication 's very standard but I would say it's not a new beginning to a new common standard.

The first phones with NFC support were produced in 2006 by Nokia. Later, Apple and Google developed NFC supported projects. What makes NFC technology important for us is its advantages in the financial field.

In this article, I will explain what NFC standard provides, especially in financial terms, what it does and how it is used, in a technical manner.

Because NFC will be more and more in the future and the usage areas of technology are increasing rapidly.

What is NFC?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication in English . Although the Turkish equivalent is Near Field Communication, we use it as NFC while it is mostly defined in Turkish as abbreviated.

NFC is a non-contact standard designed for electronic devices to communicate securely, simply and quickly in a short distance. Thanks to NFC supported devices, you can make payments within seconds of a mock-up, for example.

Apart from that, it is also possible to transfer data by bringing two NFC supported devices closer together. You can compare it to Bluetooth. But although Bluetooth seems to do the same thing as NFC, NFC is different as a standard.

What does NFC do?
In the financial area, NFC can be used for payment transactions. Thanks to its simple, secure and easy features, you can make your payments between NFC supported devices.

By saving your debit or credit card information to your NFC-supported mobile phone, you can pay to any store or seller that accepts payments via NFC.

Think about it, you went to the store vault to buy anything, you will have to make a choice, either choose any of your credit or debit cards and pay, or you will make routine payments by cash. But to pay with an NFC supported device, you will be able to pay in seconds without having to remove your debit or credit cards from your wallet. With an NFC supported device , by selecting any of your debit or credit cards registered on your device; you can pay quickly and securely.

You can pay quickly using NFC , not only in stores, but also in transportation turnstiles . It is enough to extend your mobile phone to make payments instead of Akbil or Kentkart counterparts to use public transportation .

Again, making payments by using NFC in ticket vending machines makes our lives easier.

How to Use NFC?
There are various NFC supported devices that can be paid. Key chains, bracelets and most commonly mobile phones are among the devices you can pay with NFC.

NFC is used simply by bringing the two devices closer together. You select the debit or credit card that you have saved on your NFC supported mobile phone, bring it closer to the contactless payment device and confirm the payment. Everything is that simple. You make your payments easily and safely in seconds.

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