Sunday, 29 March 2020

Interbank Card Center (BKM) has more than 57 million credit cards in Turkey

Interbank Card Center (BKM) has more than 57 million credit cards in Turkey, according to the data. Almost everyone, from working individuals to students, has a credit card.

Every month, the expenditures we make with our credit cards are sent to us by banks as credit card statements after the date of the account .

In this article, I will briefly touch upon what you need to know about credit card statement. You can find answers to frequently asked questions about statements by following the titles.

What is a credit card statement?
Credit card statement is a document that shows the summary of the expenses you have made with your credit card . The credit card statement contains information such as the expenses you made with your credit card before the account cut-off date, your debt as a result of the period, your past due debt, your minimum payment amount, the last payment and the account cut-off date.

In addition, your bank's service or fee change, or your card's score and usage information is included on your statement.

When is the credit card statement cut / finalized?
Credit card statement is deducted or finalized 10 days before your credit card debt due date . If the day following your account cut-off date is a holiday, your account cut-off date for that month will be the last day of the holiday.

Account cutting dates of credit cards can be determined by card users. This change is possible if you want to change your card's due date.

You can find out your account cut-off date on the credit card statement.

When does the card statement come?
Your account summary account each month after your date of slaughter , before your due date is communicated to you. Without waiting for your credit card statement to arrive, it is possible to learn your in-term debt and past debts, if any, through branch, internet, mobile application and telephone banking.

Where does the card statement come from?
If you request a credit card e-statements as you give your bank extracts e-mail addresses can be arrived by mail at your address may come. Banks can also inform their customers about the period debt amount via SMS .

How to get a credit card statement?
The credit card statement is sent to you by the bank after your card's date of bill. Banks often send your credit card statement to you by post, e-mail or SMS . If for any reason your card statement does not reach you, it is possible to receive your statement in various ways.

You can buy your credit card statement from your bank's branches or ATMs, or you can also inquire your statement via internet branch, mobile application or telephone banking.

Likewise , you can request your statement to be sent to you from the internet, mobile application, telephone banking or branches .

Does the supplementary card statement come separately?
The supplementary card is a credit card attached to your original card. Additional card statement can come separately from the statement to which your main card is connected, if you request it . You can receive your supplementary card statement, just like on your original card, via printed or e-mail and follow up separately.

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