Sunday, 29 March 2020

Guaranteed Future account

Guaranteed Future account is a savings account belonging to Garanti Bank , which can be preferred by parents who want to secure their children's future today .

Within the scope of Garanti Bank's Guaranteed Future Savings Account program, you can start saving for your children for a maximum of 100 TL per month . In this account, your savings are evaluated with the SMART Cautious Fund, which aims to generate returns above the deposit in the medium-long term.

At this point, I would like to give information about SMART Cautious Fund. This fund; It is preferred by individuals who want to earn more than the standard deposit in the medium-long term.

SMART Cautious Fund ; Although Garanti Portfolio Management is linked to the Variable Umbrella Fund , Garanti Portfolio is the First Variable Fund . The fund portfolio is managed by Garanti Portfolio Management . Domestic and foreign stocks, bonds and various precious metals are evaluated within the Fund at certain rates.

While continuing to save money for most of you or your children; At the same time, you can secure your children's education life according to a guaranteed amount and time that you will determine by providing you with Guaranteed Future Insurance.

Smart Piggy Bank Gift!
A smart piggy bank is given to everyone who opens a Guaranteed Future savings account. The smart piggy bank is a great opportunity to encourage your children to accumulate at an early age.

How to Open an Account?
It is enough to go to the nearest Garanti Bank branch to open a Guaranteed Future account, receive your smart piggy bank gift and learn detailed information.

Close Account

You can visit Garanti Bank branches to close or terminate your current Guaranteed Future account.

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