Sunday, 29 March 2020

10 ways to save money from boosted electricity

1. Turn off the unnecessary lights that light up
Although it sounds like a simple suggestion, we often forget to do it. A 100 watt home bulb that burns on average for two hours a day raises your electricity bill by an average of 3 lira per month. Turning off unnecessary lights allows you to save 36 pounds annually on your electricity bill.

2. Use natural light sources
I'm talking about sunlight. Try to use the natural light source at the maximum level on the sun-facing facades of your home. This saving method will reduce your bill by an average of 4-5 pounds on a monthly basis, based on your electricity usage time.

3. Unplug any electrical devices that you are not using.
Although it is true that closed electronic devices do not consume too much electricity even when plugged in, it is plugged in; Combining television, kettle or many other devices, it creates considerable electricity consumption. By unplugging electrical devices you do not use, you can reduce your bill by an average of 2-3 lira per month.

4. Do not keep the shower time too long
If you are using natural gas, remember that the boiler needs electricity consumption so that hot water can reach you. If you use natural gas, you can see an increase of approximately 15 lira in your electricity bills in the winter months. The reason for this price increase is the electricity consumption of the boiler to deliver hot water to you. You can make a noticeable savings by reducing your shower time.

5. Do not leave the waters open
For the above reason, hot water flowing from the water taps also increases electricity consumption. Not leaving the water open during hand washing, brushing teeth and shaving will reduce your bill by about 2% depending on your daily routine use. Likewise, you can reduce your water bill this way.

6. Eliminate leaks
Again, because of a top substance, it causes you to consume electricity in the taps that flow and leak hot water without your awareness. Detecting leaking faucets will also increase your savings.

7. Check your windows
Check the air flow in your home. If necessary, control your cold incoming windows by means of air blocking bands. Preventing the hot air distribution due to cold air flow may decrease your bill by an average of 7-8 liras per month.

8. Refresh your old electronic devices
Although it may not sound like a brilliant idea, it will benefit you in the long term to replace your old electronic devices. Aging devices often consume more electricity. However, new electronic devices are much more economical in electricity consumption compared to the old ones.

Do not forget to examine the electricity consumption items before buying a new device.

9. Get jacketing
As a legal requirement, jacketing is required on the exterior of the houses until 2017. Thanks to the jacketing, the houses that are warmer in winter can stay cooler in summer. This means that you spend less heat consumption in the winter months and less energy consumption in the summer. If you haven't done jacketing yet, consider this.

10. Saving on other electrical devices
You can apply the following methods to save other electrical appliances such as the frequently used washing machine, oven.

For the washing machine:

Do not operate before it is full.
Likewise, do not fill too much. Washing machines that are too empty and too full consume more energy.
Prefer cold and short programs instead of hot and long programs. In general, some laundry can be washed in shorter and colder programs. You can choose to wash your clothes accordingly with weekly adjustments.
You can hang your laundry outside instead of drying them with a machine.
For ovens:

Keep the preheating times shorter.
Try not to open the door of the working oven too much. When the doors of the working ovens are opened, energy consumption is higher due to heat loss.
Prefer to use microwave instead of heating their food in the oven. Microwave ovens consume less energy than ordinary ovens.
For the dishwasher:

Just like in the washing machine, do not run empty and do not fill too much, this increases energy consumption.
Run your dishwasher with an economical washing program. Economic washing program will also reduce water use.
You will be able to reduce your invoice amount by at least 10% with the electricity saving methods I have described in items. It is worth trying to pay less.

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