Thursday, 7 February 2019

Success of Microsoft

World's Largest Software Company
Microsoft 's revenue was $ 62.44 billion in 2010 and profit was $ 18.776 billion .Microsoft employs 89,000 people .Microsoft is the world' s largest software brand, whose popularity is not based on any one product .It 's popularity is based on the software edge, Which includes the operating system. Initially Microsoft's mission statement was, 'At home in a kitchen, Butter, on which Microsoft 's software runs.' Usually, today Microsoft 's mission is the same .While the whole world was mad at the back of the computer hardware, Bill Gates (born 1955) focused on software and because of this he is now the world' s second richest man Has assets worth 90 billion dollars.

True, despite being a very big company, Microsoft has not done a great search. See, Apple creates the first personal computer, created the initial web browser Netscape, Hotmail Saber Bhatia started. Microsoft has not done any revolutionary searches and its products like Vista have failed, but still it is today the most popular software brand, that's why it used the foresight to buy and search the inventions. Microsoft introduced the ability to track it by identifying the opportunity from scratch. When IBM was creating its first computer, Bill Gates made a deal to provide operating system on royalty. Interestingly, Microsoft had no operating system at the time. After a deal with IBM, Microsoft bought the Quedose operating system from the company named Seattle Computer Products for $ 500,000 and gave it to IBM by MS-DOS. This product and deal opened the door of Microsoft's fortune. Critics of Gates say that Microsoft does not invent itself to any new technology, that is to buy the inventor companies. To some extent this is true.

Microsoft was behind when Internet revolution began in the 1990s. When the popularity of NASCAP browser increased, Gates introduced the Internet Explorer market by buying a mosaic browser technology from a company called Spiegelas. Apart from that, Microsoft Web TV, Isops, Hotmail and FrontPage H. T. like this . L . Editing software also bought the original producer varmiyer. In this way, MS-DOS to Hotmail has not been able to find most of the products by Microsoft, but bought from another, just bought Skype 8.5 billion dollars. No other software company has taken advantage of the benefits of Microsoft's success.

Lessons from brand management

Bill Gates, while giving an operating system to IBM Commutes, IBM wanted to buy the entire amount together, but Gates remained firm on royalty and he also had the rights to get operating system license rights to other compyuter companies. IBM did not understand the importance of this small thing and it was too late when it came to understand. After that, Microsoft also made money for other computer companies by giving operating systems and making their product popular.

Bill Gates initially shared his operating system and software into the open because he wanted to make them popular. The goal of Microsoft was clear - people should use Microsoft's software, money will be earned afterwards. The Apple company kept its own softwere or operating system confined to its computers and did not give license to other computer makers. Because of this Apple's operating system and software were not as popular as they were.

Interesting facts
On August 33, 1995, at half-night customers were standing in front of the conservatory stores, so they could buy the release of Windows-95 that day. In the first five minutes, its 1.1 million copies were sold. Windows 95 was Microsoft's bestselling product!

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